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Pre-Op Shoulder Surgery Plan (C1)

A physio exercise plan to help you to prepare for shoulder surgery

Best preparation for Surgery.
Pre-operative Physiotherapy Exercises for Category 1 Shoulder Surgery

*Category 1 (C1) Shoulder Surgery typically includes athroscopic (keyhole) decompression and removal of excess material such as clavicle osteophytes.

Spending a short time ahead of your surgery in preparation can help to reduce your risk of complications and at the same time, help you to recover in the days immediately after your operation. Whether you have 2 weeks or 10 weeks before your surgery, taking this plan can really help. Our Plan focuses on Breathing Exercises, Circulatory Exercises, and SImple Mobilising and Strengthening Exercises.

*This exercise plan is strongly recommended by your One Health Group Surgical Team*

In addition, there are some really simple things that you can do that will make a big difference.

  • Stop Smoking.
  • Keep Well Hydrated
  • Eat Well before your surgery, this is not a time for dieting! Your body really needs a good supply of vital nutrients
  • Get Organised at home; Laundry, garden, and Pre-op food shopping

Our One Health (C1) Shoulder Surgery Pre-Op Plan

As with all of our Physio plans, ZoomPhysio's One Health Category 1 Shoulder Surgery Pre-Op Plan can be accessed online or by our free app (download link supplied). You will receive high quality exercises videos and interactive documents which can be downloaded for your personal use.

Our ZoomPhysio Physio Plan is available Online or InApp

Each Exercise has a Clear High Quality Video

Each plan has a printable PDF

How can I access the plan?

Just click the 'START TREATMENT' button at the top of the page, complete a super simple registration, and we'll do the rest by email to you.

We've got your back.

As with all ZoomPhysio online Physio Plans, our Best Preparation for Surgery Plan is produced and overseen by our expert team of Chartered Physiotherapists.

Rest Assured, you are in good hands

Our plans are curated by our team of specialist physiotherapists