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Plantar Fasciitis Plan

ZoomPhysio's Plantar Fasciitis Exercise Plan

Our Online Physio Plan for Plantar Fasciitis.

ZoomPhysio's free online Plantar Fasciitis Physio Plan is designed to help you to recover as soon as possible from a recent onset of foot Plantar Fasciitis pain, or manage long term symptoms.

If you perform a series of physio exercises for Plantar Fasciitis , this can stimulate and support your recovery. The ZoomPhysio exercise plan for Plantar Fasciitis  Pain may help you to maintain your overall function, go to work, participate in recreational activity and do other things that are necessary for you on a day to day basis.

Take our initial free plan for 4 weeks and we will email you a certificate that you can share with your healthcare provider to show your participation.

Check your Symptoms

Confirm these are some of the symptoms you are experiencing?

- Pain is mostly on the heel pad. The pain can be very significant when pressure is placed directly onto the heel
- The instep, the back of the ankle and lower calf can also feel tight
- Getting going first thing can be very painful and stiff. Standing ,walking and
stairs can be difficult

If your symptoms do NOT match this pattern, we advise that you consider an alternative diagnosis for your condition and consult with your health care provider.

Planter Fasciitis Pain in a typical distribution

ZoomPhysio's Plantar Fasciitis Physio Exercise Plan

As with all of our Physio plans, ZoomPhysio's Plantar Fasciitis Exercise Plan can be accessed online or by a free-app (download link supplied). You will receive high quality exercises videos and interactive documents which can be downloaded for your personal use

ZoomPhysio's Plantar Fasciitis Exercise Plan

Each exercise has a clear video

Printable exercise plans are added

Rest assured, you are in good hands

As with all ZoomPhysio online Physio Plans, our Online Physio Plan is produced and overseen by our expert team of Chartered Physiotherapists.