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Cervical Spine Plan (Neck Surgery)

This plan is to support you following your discharge from post-op physio care.

Continuing your Recovery.   Physiotherapy Exercises after Cervical Spine Surgery

This ZoomPhysio Plan is to help improve your movement, function, and exercise endurance after your cervical spine (Neck) surgery. It is to be started on the instruction of your physiotherapist when you are discharged from your post-op physio care
** Do not begin this plan until you are discharged by your One Health Physiotherapist and you have successfully completed your post op physiotherapy treatment**

In this next phase your recovery continues independently over the coming months.

It is very important to do the following;

  • Perform Physio Exercises to build your recovery
  • Work with your GP to ensure that you have a good Plan to keep any Pain under Control.
  • If you are working, engage with your employer so that your return to work duties is done at the right pace for you.
  • Keep positive about your recovery. The body can take many months, and possibly a year or so to reach a full recovery after your surgery.

Our One Health Cervical Spine Surgery Discharge Post-Op Plan.

As with all of our Physio plans, ZoomPhysio's Spinal Surgery Discharge Post-Op Plan can be accessed online or by our free app (download link supplied). You will receive high quality exercises videos and interactive documents which can be downloaded for your personal use.

Our ZoomPhysio Plan - Available Online and In-App

Each Exercise has a Clear Video

Each Plan has a Printable PDF

How can I access the plan?

Just click the 'START TREATMENT' button at the top of the page, complete a super simple registration, and we'll do the rest by email to you.

We've got your back.

As with all ZoomPhysio online Physio Plans, our Cervical Spine Surgery Plan is produced and overseen by our expert team of Chartered Physiotherapists.

Rest Assured, you are in good hands.

Our plans are curated by our team of specialist physiotherapists