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Empowering Healthcare Professionals for enhanced patient care

Transform patient care with ZoomPhysio

ZoomPhysio is designed to accelerate the recovery process for your patients. Our program delivers personalised physiotherapy plans directly to individuals, ensuring they receive targeted care and regain their mobility and functionality faster. By incorporating ZoomPhysio into your treatment strategies, you can enhance patient outcomes and overall satisfaction.

Long waiting times for physiotherapy services can strain healthcare systems and lead to patient frustration. ZoomPhysio mitigates this issue by providing rapid access to online physiotherapy. With treatment initiation within 48 hours, our platform eases the burden on existing services while ensuring that patients receive timely, effective care. This reduction in waiting times translates into improved patient experiences and outcomes.


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Benefits of ZoomPhysio for Healthcare Professionals

A sophisticated online treatment management system, safeguarded by expert physiotherapists.

Increase the speed of recovery

Supporting pre and post operative care; our program allows detailed information to be nudged to patients with regards to their procedure to support a better outcome. ZoomPhysio is proven to increase the speed of recovery.

Reduce stress on existing services

Provide patients with rapid access to online physiotherapy and avoid long waiting times. ZoomPhysio reduces pressure on existing services and provides patients with treatment within 48 hours.

End to end care

We offer online support from the beginning of the treatment pathway all the way through until discharge.

Tailored solutions

ZoomPhysio can be brought into existing patient pathways within MSK Triage services. Bespoke solutions available and responsive to local needs.

Proven results

Reported successes in Primary Care show 50%+ reduction in referral to formal physiotherapy, resulting in a significant reduction in GP costs.

Local to you

If required, we have a great local provider network for outpatient physiotherapy services available in your area.

Say hello to a brighter and better future.

Stop suffering and start your online physiotherapy treatment today. If you have been referred by your GP, please follow their instructions to request a plan via our NHS site. If you're simply looking to give ZoomPhysio a try, you can request a free plan using the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure about something? Get in touch with one of our team.

Is it free to use ZoomPhysio?

Yes, it is totally free. You just need to enter the access code from your GP or Healthcare Provider

Why did my GP send me here?

ZoomPhysio can provide you with trusted physio advice straight away! Most times, simply knowing what to do (and then doing it) can be all you need to make a recovery.

What do I do if I am not improving?

If you are not improving at 4 weeks, just call us to book a video or telephone consultation with one of our Physio Team. This is all part of the NHS service. If your condition is worsening, then STOP the program and get in touch sooner.

Why do I have to provide my name, D.O.B, email & phone when registering?

These details are required so that we can allocate an individual physio program to you which will be sent by email. These details can help us to identify you if you need additional help such as a Zoom Online Physio consultation. All of your details are secure and confidential.

How long do I follow my program for?

4 weeks initially – every day. Just bare in mind that many conditions will be a little slow to respond at first. You should notice an improvement within this time.

How do I access ZoomPhysio without a GP referral code?

You can contact us using the information on our website, and we will let you know how to do this. In most cases there will be a small charge for using our services without a GP referral.